Examine Yourself

1 Corinthians 11:28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. KJV
God uses some things that we perceive as weak to amaze us and to make us realize we are nothing aside from his Son. We puzzle over this, that, and the other although God is almighty. In weakness we are strong if we realize he is the one who gives us strength to run to the end of each leg of the race.
The Lord prepares us to pass the baton. Sometimes we operate within and of ourselves and pass the baton too soon or too late; we don’t see what God is up to in our relationships and we throw in the towel. Did God throw in the towel on us? No, he sent Jesus to help us limp through that leg of the race until we get patched up, until our wounds heal from the inside out.
OK, some of us are stronger than others, but everyone needs to at least lean on Jesus when we limp. His enemies thought he was a weakling; He’s just “that one” from Nazareth. God chose weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are strong. (1 Corinthians 1:27)
When I consider how I treat people sometimes I am ashamed. When I consider how I think in some situations I am ashamed. [Now, I don’t want you to get stuck on MY stuff. I want you to think about yours. When I say “my” or “I” you think “my” or “I”, too.] When I consider what I give to others with whom I am in relationship sometimes I am ashamed. When I consider that I have a role and responsibility in each relationship I have, I see that I am not doing all that I can and I am ashamed of myself. My relationships everywhere I am are important: with my family, on the job, in church, in social settings, etc.
If I don’t seem to be getting along very well with people no matter where I am, I must examine myself. What must I do to make things better?
It starts with knowing that I disappointed God, who for his own pleasure, chose to use me, the weak and foolish. He chose me despite my sin and selfish nature. I don’t have to present myself to others so they think I am always trying to get what I want. [Don’t go back to trying to figure out what I did. Examine yourself.] I don’t have to stop participating because it didn’t go the way I thought God was doing it.
I can take at least a half step back or aside for the sake of the greater good: to get a glimpse of the glory of God at work in each relationship, in each situation. I can dare to ask God, “God, what are you doing?”
Once I recognize that I have fallen short in my relationship with Jesus, I know that all my other relationships have to be out of sorts, also. We could be talking about dating, marriages, siblings, parent to child, coworkers, employer to employee, friendships of any kind: relationships.
When you are around others they should know that Jesus is in you. If they won’t get with him and in him in like manner, your relationship suffers. You are spiritually in different places. What must I do to make things better? Reconcile yourself to the Father through the Son. Each person examine himself, from the preacher to the pew, oldest to youngest, male and female. Each of us has a responsibility to self-assess our roles in our relationships.
I’m trying to get you to see that our relationships with other people help us to understand being in a healthy and growing relationship with Christ. He wants us in him by choice – money matters, people problems, or job junk. What does God want? http://www.barbaraafbrehon.com


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