Motives that Move the Master

Rev. Marcus Martin has been our revival preacher this week at Beulah. Tuesday night he spoke about “Motives that Move the Master” from Matthew 6:25-33, key verse 32.

You can’t move God to do what you want.

Change motives for why we want to get closer to the Lord:
1. Serve God; God doesn’t serve you. You weren’t there when God created the world.
2. Seek to get close TO God rather than get some things from him. Be in relationship to him because of who he is not so you can get stuff from him.
3. Seek the stuff ABOUT him. Be around him and some of him will rub off on you. Be willing to change who you are. Stuff will be added when the motive is right.

I know I need to re-examine why I want what I want…

And so we grow … grow in grace, which is God’s special favor.
Point to Ponder: motives… What are your thoughts?


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