TODAY: A Graduation Day Message

graduationGraduation Day Service.6.14.2015.fbcjp

You may have graduated, but life’s lessons are just beginning. Learn to listen to God’s voice to guide you through life. To whose voice do you listen? “Today” hear the Lord’s voice and don’t harden your heart. Trust that you are under his care. “Today” hear his voice and trust God rather than test him.

Hebrews 3:12-14 Be careful…. None of you should have a bad heart that does not believe. It will lead you away from God. Tell each other (this) every day, while it is still “today.” Then none of you will stop listening (to God). And sin will not make any of you think what is wrong. Because we will have some of what Christ gives us if we believe to the end.

The bad heart means “the mind that stops believing in God.” The “Today” in Hebrews is the same as in Psalm 95:7. Today, if you hear his voice, do not begin to think that your dream will not or cannot happen. It might take longer than you want, but while you wait trust God rather than test him. He goes ahead of you to prepare the place for you. If you get there too fast, you may not be ready for it or it may not be ready for you.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, don’t be so hard. Let the Lord’s light be seen in you. Let the Lord use your life to speak to a dying and sin sick world. You don’t know that the places he takes you to aren’t to show somebody that his son, Jesus, is alive and saves from sin. Today, hear his voice and let the Lord guide you in setting realistic long-term and short-term goals that will move you toward your destiny.

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